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Carlo E. Pascasio is the owner and founder of Get Fit Studio in Old Town Alexandria, VA. He was born in the Philippines, and later moved with his family to the United States. With a passion for health and fitness, he trained at elite levels and became an advanced certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. He specializes in strength, HIIT trainings, and body transformations, with over 300 success stories and growing.

He enjoys working with everyone from beginners to the elite and believes in designing tailored training programs to fit individual goals and fitness levels. If you’ve ever searched for top trainers around the DMV, you’ve heard of Carlo!

Get Fit Studio at the Atrium Building is Carlo’s dream location come true. Being able to see the space through a transformation is one Before and After he’ll never forget! With the opening of this studio, he’ll be able to focus on broadening his main goal: To share his passion and enthusiasm for fitness and to show the benefits of healthy living.


about Ann


Ann is co-founder of Get Fit Studio and Carlo’s wife. Ann’s fitness background all started in her early teens as a 5th generation martial artist in her family, receiving her 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo before freshman year of college. In her 20’s, fitness primarily took a backseat to the ups and downs of life but when 30 hit, she realized she needed a major lifestyle change. Ann started dabbling in a bunch of fitness classes around town but found true, everlasting love in strength training (and in Carlo) and has never looked back!

Since then, Ann has been the driving force behind Carlo and Get Fit, rolling up her sleeves to help get stuff done in every aspect. She’s the other constant presence at Get Fit Studio and behind the scenes; You’ll see her work the computer, coordinating and planning, on the phone, chatting and welcoming everyone, filling the towels, snapping photo memories, rummaging through the supply closet, tidying things and just doing other helpful “mom” stuff! Get Fit Studio is Ann’s Happy Place and she works hard to ensure it’s yours too.

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