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Come join the gang in a Group Session and enjoy each other’s hard working vibes. We have a session for every fitness level to get you in and get you lifting and lifted. How do we do it? We start with our carefully crafted training format and infuse traditional strength training methods, combined with dynamic and challenging movements. These sessions are intelligently designed on a regular basis and led by our elite personal trainers to ensure improvement in strength and an effective, safe work out. Keep scrolling for a description of each Group Session



This is an optional beginners’ group session; We take more time on the pace and break down the exercise so you can understand the foundation of proper form. If you’re new to training with weights or just new to training in general, this is the session for you to wet your training appetite. Welcome to step one of your fitness progression.

Iron Circuit

Iron Circuit

This group session is a fun mix of everything: we incorporate weight training with barbells, kettlebells, dumb bells and throw in some cardiovascular training and core exercises as you’re ushered through several stations for a full total body work-out that leaves no muscle groups untouched. You’ll hit each station with a work-out partner to keep motivated and moving.



If you like explosive and high intensity, you’ll love this HIIT! This group session is back to back movement with minimal rest and moderate free weights. Grab a towel and your good energy because you’ll be running warm and feeling the burn in no time flat.

Iron Strength

Iron Strength

This is our advanced group session so prior weight lifting experience is required. We place even more emphasis on proper technique as we work our way up from moderate to heavy weight lifting to build strong and sexy muscles. You determine how intense and how heavy you want to go with each round. Bring your gloves and get ready to move some iron!

Quick HIIT

Quick HIIT

This group session is the rapid speed 35 minute version of Iron HIIT. We shortened the time but never sacrificed the intensity to get you in, get you sweaty and get you on your way with some good endorphins for the rest of your day.

Whether we’re doing a personal training session or taking a small group session, Carlo keeps us fit, challenged and having a good time.

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